Welcome to the Tae Bo® Nation 
basic Certification Course

step 1

Reveiw the

Tae Bo® Nation Tutorials 

The Tae Bo® Tutorials are three separate videos taught by Billy Blanks® that teach advanced Tae Bo® techniques, combinations and teaching instruction. 

step 2

Read through the Tae Bo®  manual

The Tae Bo® Nation manual was written by Billy Blanks® and his team and contains in depth instruction on technique, Tae Bo® philosophies and teaching insights. 

step 3

Take the Written Exam 

The writte exam relies upon the information you leanred in the manual and the video tutorials. It is multiple choice with one short answer question. You have two hours to complete it. 

step 4


You must review carefully, complete and sign the 


(Liability/Publicity/Release)  before participating in the Tae Bo® Nation Certification Zoom session with Billy Blanks.®

step 5

Attend your Zoom Session 

You will join other registrants and be taught live (virtually) by Billy Blanks®. It will be about 6 hours; bring a notepad, water and light snack, and have a safe space to workout. Come with an open heart and don't be afaid to ask questions!

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part 1

round 1
part 2

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All zoom sessions are on Sunday from 7am PDT - 1pm PDT unless otherwise noted.